Staff & Music Teachers

John Munt

John Munt is the Site Director of Bach to Rock, North Scottsdale, as well as a piano, concert, jazz and rock band, and commercial music teacher. He also sings, and composes and arranges music. Prior to teaching, John held various music industry positions in Los Angeles that included producing a music entertainment mobile video channel featuring major-label recording artists, and lead a design team in the creation of a hip-hop music video game. He has composed several independent and short film scores, and has worked as a sound designer and music supervisor. John played keyboards professionally, composing music and touring with a Los Angeles-based, electronic-industrial music band for over 10 years, that included several album releases and radio airplay. His musical tastes cover just about every music genre, from classical to rock to 80s New Wave, with Depeche Mode being his favorite band and biggest musical influence.

Alex T.

Alex T. is a guitar and piano instructor who is also an award winning music composer for film. Alex became fascinated with music when he began taking guitar lessons as a young teenager. By the time he was eighteen years old he had also picked up piano and began practicing vocal music. It wasn’t much longer before he developed an interest in writing music. In 2012, Alex scored his first feature length film Howard & Loki for Director/Cinematographer/Writer David Lewis (Pee-Wee’s Playhouse, Winning London), and has since scored several dozen other film and commercial projects. He has been awarded two regional EMMYs and a College Television award from the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Foundation for his composition work.

Alex also has a passion for inspiring others and finding ways to help people succeed. Prior to working at Bach 2 Rock, he was an independent guitar and piano instructor and has also worked as a habilitation and respite care provider for children with special needs. He knows the importance of setting concrete short and long term goals to help people succeed and make their dreams come true. 

His favorite composers are J.S. Bach, Gustav Holst, Frederic Chopin, Jean Sibelius, Pyotr Illyich Tchaikovsky, John Williams, Thomas Newman, Danny Elfman, John Adams and Eric Whitacre. Other musical influences include Radiohead, Muse, Arctic Monkeys, The Black Keys, Fleetwood Mac, John Mayer, Jack Johnson, and Lana Del Rey.

Caroline P.

Caroline P. is a drum instructor at Bach to Rock in North Scottsdale. At 20 years old, Caroline has been playing drums for 11 years. She received her first drum set in December 2005 and started taking lessons from Max Kruegar shortly after. In 2009 she began participating in multiple church praise bands at Shepherd of the Desert Lutheran Church. She was also an active member of the music programs at her high school (Desert Mountain) including wind ensemble, jazz ensemble, and marching band/drumline. She joined her very first original band, We Go By, as a high school sophomore in 2011, and went on to play in the battle of the bands competition, “Rock Rev” at Desert Mountain for 3 years. In addition to playing in original bands including Blackwater, a blues band, and Hometown Letdown, a pop-punk band. She also has experience playing in cover bands and completing session work for independent musicians. Caroline enjoys playing various types of music as she believes being versatile and well-adapted to multiple genres is essential to becoming a professional musician. Caroline is currently working in a metalcore/hardcore band, SkyView, that plans to release their first EP in early 2017. Since graduating high school, Caroline has been studying music business and education at Scottsdale Community College and plans to pursue a Bachelor of Music degree. Caroline strives to help all her students achieve their fullest potential as musicians and artists.

Jack S.

Jack S. is excited to join the teaching staff as Woodwind Instructor at Bach to Rock, North Scottsdale. He began playing at an early age, and currently specializes in teaching saxophone, clarinet and flute. He studied music at Northern Arizona University, receiving his Bachelor of Music Education, and Master of Music degrees. He has a wide range of performance experience from classic to jazz. Jack has been playing professionally over the past 40 years, and is currently performing with a variety of bands around the valley. He has a passion for jazz and is a skilled improviser and composer. A few of his favorite artists include Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, and David Sanborn. He enjoys all styles of music, and has experience in a variety of musical genres. He looks forward to sharing his musical knowledge with his students, and help bring their skills to a higher level.

Kelsey M.

Kelsey M. is a voice teacher and early childhood teacher at Bach to Rock, North Scottsdale. She is a born and raised New Yorker, and is truly gifted as a vocalist, with a deep love and passion for music. Kelsey's talent took her to the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, where she perfected her voice, and earned a degree in Music Business. She recently moved to Arizona in early 2017, and is currently using her musical expertise to teach and inspire a younger generation of talented musicians.

Pete M.

Pete M. has been playing guitar for over 30 years, and has been performing professionally for 16 years in a variety of genres including Rock, Blues, Jazz, and R&B. He has toured in the U.S. and Europe, and performs regularly in the greater Phoenix area. A self-taught Rock and Blues player, Pete also studied Jazz and classical guitar and is an experienced audio engineer with a degree in Audio Production Technologies. Pete’s favorite artists and influences include Stevie Ray Vaughn, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Santana, Pink Floyd, and Randy Rhoads. Pete is passionate about inspiring students young and old to pursue and achieve their musical goals and dreams.

Thomas J. Jr.

Thomas J. Jr. has been performing and producing music since he was eight years old. His specialities include low brass, guitars, drums, keyboards, synthesizers, and audio engineering. He studied music at Western Connecticut State University, and he holds a Master’s degree in Sound Design from the Glasgow School of Art. He has performance and composition experience across a range of genres including jazz, rock, heavy metal, and electronic music. He has performed on the same stage with such jazz greats as Maynard Ferguson, Roy Haynes, Trombones de Costa Rica, and Paquito D’Rivera. As a rock band and ensemble coach with Bach to Rock, Thomas brings a unique and diverse musical background coupled with a passion for emerging music technologies. 

Why B2R?

  • Individual instruction with proprietary curriculum
  • Students are motivated by playing with others in a band
  • A band builds teamwork, develops social skills, fosters self-esteem and leads to lasting friendships.
  • Everyone learns faster playing music they like
  • Students are motivated to learn when they see early results
  • Introducing very young children to music supports cognitive development and motor skills.

B2R Curriculum

  • A well-balanced music education consists of Music Theory, Technique and Repertoire.
  • Students learn faster playing music they like.
  • Simplified versions of modern songs allow students to see results more quickly.
  • Audio recordings of each simplified arrangement are available to students. This allows them to hear how their part should sound.
  • Lessons are catered to the needs of each student's learning style.